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Post-Covid Weddings

Updated: May 8, 2023

Who would have thought a few months ago that the world would be where it is now and just how much our every day life and plans would change. No one could have predicted this impact to our lives. Fortunately, we humans are great at adapting to what ever is thrown our way. I guess that is why we are all still here.

Unfortunately things may not be the same for quite some time however this does not mean we need to put all of our plans on hold. It means we may just have to rethink them and get creative. Weddings and celebrations were one of the biggest disruptions caused by Covid-19 this did not only affect those planning a wedding but also may local businesses whom had all their orders cancelled and had to close their doors, without a doubt this has had an impact on us all. The wedding industry is one of the few industries left which predominantly supports local small and family run businesses and we do hope that things can get back to a degree of normality soon. With this in mind we would like to continue to help these local businesses and also our couples to plan their wedding. We are sure trend will stick. Think open air think small and intimate. We have some ideas for your Post-Covid Wedding below, we hope you like! :)

Outdoor weddings

Scotland is not best known for its reliable weather but we have learned to work around it. Don't let the weather put you off planning an outdoor wedding, we have you covered ;) no pun intended!

There are some fantastic venues in Edinburgh which have fabulous outdoor spaces, perfect for a semi socially distanced get together along with fresh and unrecycled air.

Check out:

  • Hopetoun House

  • Edinburgh Zoo

  • Royal Botanic Gardens

  • Secret Herb Garden

Book a Marquee/Event Tent

These are a great addition to any wedding. Another must have in a post Covid Wedding. The number of bookings for Marquees and Events Tents has increased massively in recent years as our weather has gotten warmer in Summer months (Hello Sunshine), there has also been a push for outdoor weddings and with it the outdoor shelters Post-Covid.

There are great uses for Marquees and the like they can be used for all or elements of your wedding with some examples below:

  • Disco Tent

  • Ceilidh Tent

  • Ceremony Tent

  • Buffet

  • Sit down dining

  • Drinks Reception

Instead of having all of this under one roof setting your wedding under a cluster of separate shelters for something truly unique.

We have come great options for you to check out on our Marquee hire page.

Bouncy Castle

Indoors/Outdoors these are Fab entertainment for Adults and Children alike with many wedding themed castles now on the market they are a wedding staple these days. Gone are the days kids (and some adults) are bored waiting on food and cake. If outdoors this will keep children entertained in the fresh air with minimal risk of Germ transmission in a safe and contained environment.

Again if you are planning a bigger wedding a bouncy castle will provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to hang out together.

Buffet with a twist

Rather than having a traditional buffet for your wedding, why not try a multi tier table center piece buffet for only each table to share. Think wedding cake but on each layer you will have different snacks for your guests to enjoy. For example mini quiche, sandwiches, finger foods, fruit, and a special layer for deserts.

Hand Gel

Forgo the wedding favors with little use and opt for custom labeled bottles of hand gel (not everyone's cup of tea) but a useful option to consider.


Why not mix up your wedding theme and include Masquerade as a dress code for your dance floor or "Masquerade tent" :P)

If you have lots of kids attending its a great idea to have a craft table where the kids could make or decorate masks.

We hope you like our suggestions. Happy Planning!


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