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Getting Married in Scotland

If you intend to marry in Scotland both parties in the intended Marriage must Complete 'Marriage Notice' forms and submit them to the registrar of the district in which they intend to marry. This must be submitted within the 29 days before the wedding date.

You can obtain these forms through any registry office or from the National Records of Scotland website by following the link:

In order to be Married in Scotland you must meet the following criteria:

  1. be at least 16 years of age

  2. not be related in any way to your partner that can prevent lawful Marriage - Further details can be found here...

  3. Be Un Married/ Not in an existing Civil Partnership with another person

  4. Be of Sound Mind understanding what marriage means and able to consent to the Marriage 

If you are currently in a Civil Partnership this may be changed to Marriage.

There are 2 types of Marriage in Scotland; 

  1. Religious or Belief Marriage

  2. Civil Marriage

Religious or Belief Marriages can be very varied due to the large number of of religious doctrines and beliefs. These can include but are not limited to Christian; Catholic , Protestant; Sikh; Hindu; Muslim and Humanist.

Generally Religious or Belief Marriages are carried out in a Venue and by a Celebrant associated to the belief. 

Civil Marriage ceremony's can be carried out anywhere so long as this is agreed prior with the registrar. Some people opt to elope in the Registry office where others may choose to get married else where. 

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