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Maid/Matron of Honour: The Job Description

Being chosen as the Maid of Honour (the girl is unmarried) or Matron of Honour (the girl is married) is a great honour. It shows a true valued friendship and a great deal of trust form the Bride's part. Choosing the Maid of Honour is usually one of the first jobs of the Bride and comes with a great deal of responsibility. What's expected of the Head Bridesmaid you ask yourself? Here is a list of some important duties to keep you right.

Before the Wedding

Dress Shopping:  Make sure you are available to escort the bride dress shopping to give some helpful opinions, make sure you don't take over or let anyone else take over when the bride is making one of the most important choices in her wedding. It should also be the brides decision when choosing wedding colours so don't allow others to put the bride off by complaining about the colour of dresses. 

Attend Wedding Fairs: There is a lot of information for a bride to take in, it is easy to be overwhelmed at a wedding fair so it is important to have a deputy or 2 to get around all the exhibits and gather the relevant information, its also great to go away from the fairs and go through the bags of leaflets and information over a coffee to discuss ideas, its a good idea to take a notebook and pen along to take a note of the things the bride likes and dislikes.

Wedding DIY: Some Brides like to incorporate a bit of DIY into their wedding whether it be invitations or centrepieces or everything, be sure to offer assistance.

Decision Making:  There are many decisions involved in wedding planning, it is easy for a bride to be out of her depth. Sometimes it will be welcomed for input of advice when it comes to deciding on flowers,favours etc.

Moral Support: Wedding planning can be overwhelming and emotionally draining for brides, make sure you check in to make sure everything is ok and offer support, sometimes this may just be an ear to let the bride vent and let off some steam.

Party Planing:  You get the fun job of planning and organising the hen party!

Morning of the Wedding

Keep the bride calm

Organise the other bridesmaids

Run any last minute errands

Ensure the Bride eats breakfast

Make Sure the schedule is followed

help Bride into Dress and Veil

During Ceremony

Help the bride out of the car and hold the dress to keep it clean; its hard to fit some dresses out of the car door.

Make sure all the bridesmaids are in position and have one final check of hair and make up then lead the other Bridesmaids down the aisle

Straighten out the brides dress at the Alter

Take the bouquet off the bride and pass along the bench to the other Bridesmaids or put it down beside you

Sign the marriage licence as a witness (the Maid of Honour is not always a witness)

After the Ceremony

Make sure the bride looks pretty in all the photos; touch up lipstick,  sort dress, fix hair

Answer any question the guests have about the schedule

Dance with the Best Man and then encourage other guests onto the dance floor.

Circulate the guestbook and make sure you get everyone to sign it.


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