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Celebrate the Season at The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro:

Christmas Market, Cake Workshops, and Cupcake Fun!

The Edinburgh Wedding Guide Teamed up with Douglas MacKenzie, We took a trip to visit one of

Edinburgh’s best kept secrets in the wedding industry to hear more about their exciting Christmas Events Festivities and of course their Brand New wedding cake business, We got some great pictures and some great insider info. We also got to meet the Lovely Haggis who you will hear more about in this blog.

Nestled just outside the enchanting city of Edinburgh lies The Secret Herb Garden Cafe, a unique

wedding venue that recently caught our attention. During our visit, we had the pleasure of chatting with Emma, the talented cake maker at The Secret Garden Bakery, where we delved into the upcoming seasonal festivities that promise to make this winter truly magical.

Christmas Market Extravaganza:

Mark your calendars for November 25th, as the Glasshouse hosts its annual Christmas Market. Picture stalls adorned with unique and locally crafted treasures, the scent of Hot Chocolate and winter treats wafting through the air, and the joyous hum of merry-makers. It's an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season with the Secret Garden Distillery transforming into a magical grotto for a special visit from Santa and even a real life little donkey, Bobby, from the Edinburgh Menagerie, on site to say hello.

Two-Day Christmas Cake Making Workshop: Unravelling the Festive Magic at The Secret Herb Garden:

Embark on a journey of culinary delight with The Secret Garden Bakery’s enchanting Two-Day Christmas Cake Making Workshop. Guided by the talented Emma, this workshop is not just a baking class; it's a festive experience that promises to infuse your holiday season with creativity and delicious charm.

Workshop Details:

Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro: Fridays, December 1st & 8th, 9 am to 12 noon

For the cost of £120 per person for both sessions, participants will not only learn the art of Christmas cake creation but will also indulge in a festive atmosphere with snacks and fizz. To secure your spot, simply call 0131 374 5605 or email

What to Expect:

The workshop spans two delightful days, each filled with hands-on activities and insider tips from Emma, ensuring a delightful experience for individuals of all skill sets. Here's a sneak peek into the festive journey:

Day 1:

  • Modelling Haggis, the Highland Cow: Have you met our friendly neighbor Haggis? The rescued Highland cow? Day 1 we will be modelling him you learn the art of modelling with icing and preparing the decorations for the top of your cake.

  • Making the Fruit Cake from Scratch: Dive into the world of baking as you create the foundation for your Christmas masterpiece.

Day 2:

  • Marzipan and Icing: Explore the intricate process of marzipan and icing to give your cake the perfect finish.

  • Putting Together and Tartan Rug: Bring your cake to life by assembling its components, including a charming tartan rug which you will also craft on Day 2.

The workshop is thoughtfully designed for all skill levels, making it an inclusive and delightful experience for both beginners and seasoned bakers alike.

Holiday Cake Tips:

Emma shares her expertise with insider tips for crafting a beautifully decorated Christmas cake. Departing from the traditional method, Emma suggests a child-friendly approach. Instead of the weekly brandy feeding, consider freezing the cake soon after baking and allowing it to thaw for a moist result without the high alcohol content. For added moisture retention, Emma recommends combining glycerine with the brandy—an ingenious touch for a deliciously rich Christmas treat.

Intrigued and ready to unleash your inner baker? The Secret Garden Bakery’s Two-Day Christmas Cake Making Workshop is your ticket to a festive journey filled with joy, creativity, and mouthwatering delights. Secure your place today and let the magic of the holidays come to life in your hands.

Cupcake Decoration Sessions for Little Elves: Crafting Sweet Memories for Young Imaginations:

The enchantment of the festive season at The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro extends its magic to the little ones through specially curated Cupcake Decoration Sessions. Designed for budding young bakers and creative minds, these sessions promise a delightful journey of cupcake decoration, sweet treats, and the creation of cherished memories.

Fun Friday Kids Christmas Cupcake Decorating Classes:

The holiday cheer amplifies with the introduction of Fun Friday Kids Christmas Cupcake Decorating Classes. Taking place on Friday 1st, 8th, and 15th December 2023 at The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro, these classes are not just about cupcakes; they're a festive adventure for the young ones.

Class Details:

Date and Time: Fridays, December 1st, 8th, and 15th, 1 pm to 2:30 pm

Location: The Secret Herb Garden Cafe

Price: £20 per child

Inclusions: The class fee covers a delightful package—lunch and a drink for each child, along with the exciting opportunity to decorate three tasty Christmas cupcakes to take home!

What to Expect:

1. Arrival at 1 pm: Parents can relax as the little ones are entertained for an afternoon of fun and creativity.

2. Lunch Delight: Children will be treated to a nourishing lunch, including a comforting soup and a tasty sandwich.

3. Cupcake Decorating Extravaganza: The highlight of the class involves children getting hands-on with cupcake decoration. Guided by friendly instructors, they'll adorn three rather large cupcakes, in the above designs transforming them into festive delights.

While the children are immersed in their cupcake creations, parents, why not enjoy a well-deserved hot drink and indulge in something festive from the menu?

How to Book:

To ensure a spot for your little ones in this festive cupcake adventure, simply call 0131 374 5605 or email The classes offer a perfect blend of festive joy, culinary exploration, and the creation of delicious treats, making them an ideal way for children to embrace the magic of the season.

Crafting Sweet Memories:

The Fun Friday Kids Christmas Cupcake Decorating Classes at The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro are more than just a class; they're a journey where young imaginations run wild, creating sweet memories and even sweeter treats. Book today, and let the festive enchantment unfold for your little elves!

Indulging in Sweet Tales: A Chat with Emma, the Creative Genius Behind The Secret Garden Bakery Wedding Cakes:

During our delightful visit to the Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the world of exquisite cakes crafted by Emma, the ingenious mind behind these delectable creations. As we sat down for a heartwarming conversation, Emma generously shared the inspiration, uniqueness, and the meticulous process that goes into each wedding cake.

1. Introduction and Background: Unlocking the Flavors of Nature

Curious to uncover the roots of the wedding cake venture, we delved into where the idea came from. Emma revealed that the idea naturally sprouted from the enchanting ambiance of garden itself. The style of the cakes seamlessly aligns with the venue's distinct charm, catering to weddings not only within The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro but also responding to requests from various venues. The cakes draw inspiration from the garden's bounty, incorporating seasonal fruits and herbs freshly plucked from the garden. Emma emphasised the use of ingredients straight from the tree, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that truly reflect the essence of the venue.

What makes the wedding cakes unique is the handmade touch, down to the homemade jam, and the infusion of herbs from the garden. Each creation is a testament to the commitment to authenticity and quality, with even the figs infused with herbs sourced from the garden.

2. Wedding Cake Designs: A Symphony of Artistry and Flavour

Diving into the realm of design, Emma highlighted the diverse offerings in wedding cake designs from The Secret Garden Bakery. While specializing in pressed flowers and buttercream, Emma assured us that the repertoire extends to cater to all design preferences, including hand-painted masterpieces. She noted a trend shift, with couples increasingly gravitating towards painted designs and fresh flowers, moving away from the traditional fondant flowers. This is in keeping with the theme of the venue.

Whether it's pressed flowers, buttercream, or hand-painted designs, The Secret Garden Bakery can bring any vision to life. Staying versatile to meet the unique preferences of each couple. The customisation process is a collaborative journey, ensuring that the wedding cake becomes a personalised reflection of the couple's themes and preferences.

3. Tasting and Consultations: Crafting Culinary Experiences

Emma walked us through the delightful experience of cake tasting and consultations at The Secret Herb Garden, a crucial step for engaged couples in the journey towards their dream wedding cake. In the private dining area, couples can savour a cozy atmosphere, complete with tea, coffee, and, of course, cake. The consultation fee of £10 per head includes a drink and three tasting samples.

Couples are welcome to bring friends and family along, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere while Emma is on hand to answer any questions. The tasting session includes a curated selection of three different flavours, with allergen information provided. Couples are encouraged to choose their three preferred samples from a list of recommended flavours prior to attending.

As for advice on choosing flavours and designs, Emma suggested considering the season, as certain flavours and ingredients shine in different times of the year. Special requests are also considered, ensuring that each couple embarks on their wedding cake journey with confidence and excitement.

In essence, our conversation with Emma unravelled the passion, dedication, and artistry infused into every wedding cake at The Secret Garden Bakery, making them not just confections but sweet tales woven with love and nature's bounty.

This winter, let The Secret Herb Garden Café Bistro be the backdrop to your festive memories. Join the Christmas Market, embark on a journey of cake-making delight, and let your little ones explore the joy of cupcake decoration. The Secret Herb Garden invites you to step into a world where the spirit of the season comes alive amidst nature's beauty and creative inspiration.


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