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6 unexpected benefits of a Wedding Planner

Some people believe that having an event planner is an unnecessary expense, especially when budget is the main concern with planning your event.

Contrary to this belief a Wedding Planner can not only save you a great deal of money but also save you stress and bring their professional experience to help your wedding be planned and executed to the standard that you desire. 

This doesn't have to mean that you wont be a key part of you event planning, a good Wedding Planner will enable you to thoroughly enjoy the entirety of your event from planning all the way through.

1. They can save you money

Even after factoring in the cost of a wedding planner their influence in the industry can save you a packet on the cost of your wedding. Wedding Planners usually have built strong relationship with suppliers over a number of years and can negotiate deals that you would never be able to on your own.

2. Event Co-ordinators are not Wedding/Event Planners

Event co-ordinators come standard with most venues these days but lets highlight some key differences; 

Event Co-ordinators tend to manage all the "in house" operations for instance drinks provision, meals, Venue set up (to a point), They can also arrange flowers and cakes from a regular supplier. The price of these are usually included in your wedding package if you choose to opt for it. 

Wedding planners differ in that they co-ordinate all the vendors involved not just at the venue. They are there from the moment you get up to beyond you leaving at the end, coordinating hair, make up, dress, car pick ups, guest transport, guest seating at the ceremony, photographs, master of ceremonies to keep the wedding on its time line, cake cutting and the first dance; and this just counts for some of the on the day work not to mention all the preparation beforehand.

3. There is always 1 

Wedding planners are there to deal with any unforeseen circumstances on the day for example that 1 person that you were sure was not coming turns up having forgotten to send the RSVP card, is therefore not on your list so you did not make provision for seating or meals for them.  Not to worry your wedding planner will take care of it by communicating with the caterers and arranging for another place setting, you have more important things to think about like enjoying your special day!

4. It is a full time Job

A lot of people don't realise that planning a wedding is a full time job. It is difficult to imagine the work involved. From the minor details to the venue and all the appointments in between, it may be hard to find enough time in a day to give each of these jobs 100% of your attention. You are paying the Wedding Planner so they will be 100% dedicated to your wedding and will be sure to take their time and ensure everything comes together on your big day.

5. When things go wrong

In the unlikely event that one of your wedding suppliers fails to deliver for what ever reason you might feel that you have been left up the creek without a paddle. There is nothing worse than having added stress on the lead up to your big day; having to start a search all over again when you think its all done or a supplier letting you down on the day you should be enjoying. In this event a wedding planner will always have a back up or some favours they can call in leaving you to think about enjoying your wedding not worrying about it. Another useful think wedding planners usually come with is some kind f insurance policy so you wont be left out of pocket.

6. Bridal Party

If you have never been married before how do you know what the bridal party consists of? and more importantly what does each role entail. Your wedding planner will help you brief your bridal party on what is expected of them on the lead up to the wedding and coordinate them on the day making sure everyone knows what they should be doing and where they should be.

Wedding planners are experts in their field with tried and tested methods they can be an invaluable tool to have around to support you on your wedding journey.


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